Modular Transfer System Components

  • Wide range of linear transport configurations
  • Standard Modular Components
  • All parts reuseable
  • Narrow Profile
  • Low Mass = Low Inertia = Less Power
  • Hard Wear Surface
  • Quiet Smooth Operation
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Lift and Carry Transfer Systems

  • Modular Components Speed Design and Assembly Process
  • Low Mass = Low Inertia = Lower Power Requirements
  • Aluminum Profile with Composition Rollers
    = Quieter System by as much as 25 dBa
  • Wide Range of Profile Sections Available
  • Low Maintainence with Synthetic Greased
    Roller assemblys that are Lubed-for-Life
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  • Long Strokes: 1-20 Plus Meters
  • High Speeds: 1-8 m/sec
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Modular/Scaleable Construction
  • Resists damage in harsh environments
  • Low Maintenance
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  • Modular Aluminum Profile with Integral Roller Ways
  • Long Strokes and High Speeds
  • Multi Head Flexibility
  • Structrual Capacity of the Aluminum Profile
    eliminates the need for support steel
  • Capacities to 5000 lbs
  • Speeds up to 8 m/s
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About TMT Srl

TMT Srl is an Italian company with more than 15 years of experience in the Linear System Industry, which makes the TMT product line one of the most functional on the market.

With determination and the pledge to constant technological research an innovative idea was conceived, combining strength, efficiency, flexibility and ease of operation, maintaining its property unchanged even in a polluted environment.

Thanks to a treatment unique to aeronautical industry, TMT introduced the SpeedyRail® aluminium alloy rail line, into today's industry world, supplying light weight linear systems with wear resistance equal to tempered steel. With its hollow cross-sections it has high strength under torsion and deflection stresses, making the ideal solution for the majority of linear motion applications.


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